Keeping Birds at Home is Prohibited in India

Prohibited Bird Species

Keeping Birds at Home is Prohibited in India

In India, the Forest Department strictly prohibits you from keeping certain bird species in homes and also birds breeding at home. Ducks, poultry, and specific birds like Andaman teal, Assam bamboo partridge, and bassas are among those listed in the first schedule. So, Violating this regulation can lead to mandatory imprisonment and fines.

Legal Implications: Robo Shankar’s Case

Famous comedian Robo Shankar’s recent incident highlights the consequences of disregarding bird ownership regulations. Despite his love for pets, including pigeons, dogs, and cats, showcasing an Alexandrian parrot in a social media video resulted in fines and the bird’s recovery by the forest department.

Regulations on Bird Breeding and Ownership

Furthermore, wild birds breeding generally requires permission from the Forest Department under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. While you can keep certain species like lovebirds and some foreign birds as pets, it’s prohibited for you to keep endangered species like parrots at home or engage in divination with them.

Protected Birds and Legal Framework

The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 aims to conserve wildlife by specifying schedules and regulations. Additionally, Keeping birds listed in the first schedule, including Andaman Teal, Assam Bamboo Partridge, and Bassas, is punishable as they are protected.

Enforcement and Penalties

Additionally, while keeping birds listed in the fourth schedule at home incurs fines rather than mandatory imprisonment, there’s still a risk of imprisonment. This schedule prohibits the breeding of a wide range of birds, including avocets, bulbuls, ducks, finches, hawks, owls, and many others, at home.

Regulation of International Bird Breeding

Breeding foreign birds necessitates approval from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The Indian government is working to formalize regulations for international bird breeding.


In conclusion, it’s imperative for you to adhere to regulations regarding bird ownership in India. Keeping prohibited bird species at home can lead to fines or imprisonment, underscoring the importance of understanding and complying with wildlife protection laws.