How to set up a google ads account in 5 minutes

In this page, You can learn How to set up a google ads account in 5 minutes with step by step guide. It is very simple. But You do not take it easy. If you make any mistake your account will be inactive or goes to suspend. Their will be some rules and regulation. So, you need to follow these to compile to setup this ads account. Ok. Now I explore the topic.

how to setup a google ads account

What is Google ads?

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising platform that allows businesses to advertise their products or services across various Google properties. Previously, It is called Google Adwords. But its old name will be changed from July 24th, 2018. Additionally, You can run following ads on this platform. They are Search engine results pages (SERPs) feature ads above or alongside regular results. Then Google Ads extends to partner websites for ad display. Lastly You can utilize Google Ads to run video ads on YouTube, expanding your reach across various online platforms.

Various types of Google Ads campaigns cater to different goals. Common ones include:

  1. Search Network campaigns: Target users actively searching for related products/services on Google.
  2. Display Network campaigns: Display ads to users browsing various websites. Google Ads empowers businesses to reach new customers and enhance their online presence significantly.

Step by Step Guide to setup google ads account

how to create google ads account

Here’s a We breakdown step by step guide to create google ads account on desktop computer or laptop device.

Step 1

Now you go to and click “Start Now.” Sign in with your existing Google Account or create a new one.

When you signup a google ads account. following details are mandatory.

You can create an account using just a Google email address.

GST – Tax Identification – (India)18% charged for every google ads spending.

create google ads account

Then 3 things you need to set up google ads account. Here This page overview How to create this account. #1 Add Business Details Which like Business Name, GST Number / Tax Identification Number. This may varies based on countries to countries. Then You need to fill the address details. Which must match with your national identification proof. SSN/ Adhaar Card or Any other national Id as per government regulation. Because google doing their business in many countries. So, They obey all countries laws and regulation.

#2 Create Your first ad on google. #3 Set Your Budget. After filling all of these details You Just click over the create your first campaign button.

Step 2

Now you get following window. Here You need to fill Business name (optional).

create your first campaign on google

#1 Consider what you’re advertising and enter the most relevant URL ( This might be a specific page on your website, your homepage, YouTube channel, or social media page. or #2 You may enter your phone number with country code. Example: India (+91 9876543210). So, People will be directed to call you at this number. Or #3 You can promote your app. Here You need a google play publisher account to do it. You mobile app will be promote across Search, YouTube, and Google Play.

Step 3

Then You click Next Button. Which provide a New Window Page.

Here. You Need to link your account with this platform. Which helps you to promote your product or service.

If you create a campaign for call. You will must add Phone number with country code.

if you need to promote a mobile app. You should link your mobile app. But If your app has both Android and iOS versions, you’ll need to create separate campaigns for each version. When you choose Android It asking app name, package name, or publisher. After entering any one of these detail. You will link your mobile app on google ads.

If you promote your business with Gmap, You need to create Google Business Profile. Here already You link your google maps. Then link it into google ads account. Many local businesses Now a days using these methods.

Additionally, are you willing to promote your product or service through video ads. You must need a own youtube channel. So Create own youtube channel. Adding Promoted Videos. Then link youtube channel to this google ads.

However, to run ads and take advantage of the platform, you will need to provide billing information. This is because Google Ads operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, so you’ll incur charges whenever someone clicks on your ad. To ensure proper billing, Google requires billing details associated with your account.

Step 4

4th step to set up google ads account is choosing your goal for first campaign. here You need to choose right target. If You create an effective campaign, focus on the goal that’s most valuable to your business. Here different types of targeting is available.


  • Purchases – Someone buys a product or service
  • Submit lead form – A potential customer fills out a form
  • Phone call leads – A potential customer calls your business
  • Page views – Someone views a key page (such as an article or product page)
  • Brand awareness – Reach a broad audience, get video views, and build consideration for your brand


  • App downloads – Someone downloads an app


  • Contacts – A customer makes contact by phone, text, email, or chat
  • Book appointments – Someone schedules an appointment with your business
  • Request quotes – Someone requests an estimate for your product or service
  • Get directions – Someone searches for a business location
  • Outbound clicks – Someone clicks a link to a partner site
  • Sign ups – Someone signs up for a free newsletter, trial, account, or event


  • Add to cart – Someone chooses an item to buy by adding it to a shopping cart
  • Begin checkout – Someone starts to buy something
  • Purchase subscription – Someone buys a subscription-based product or service

Step 5

This is demo set up. So Here i select brand awareness option. Then click Next button.

Choose a campaign type is 5th step. Here You need to choose any one of the following option. Google Automatically Suggested your goal. because your goal is brand awareness and reach. You will choose Youtube as your goal. Additionally, Google Suggest you following goal which are Display, Search, App, and Smart.

For Demo, Here I opt search as a goal. Then click next.

Step 6

Now New window is opened. Here You need to add relevant keyword to your campaign.

keywords setting in google ads

This stage Define who should see your ads. Same time google auto suggest the keywords based on what is your website topic and what are important funnel keywords your are using in your web pages.

For Example: When You linking your website in step 2. Automatically, You seen same website link in this step 6 window. Google Ads can find keywords for you by scanning a web page or seeing what’s working for similar products or services. For example You providing digital marketing website. Google Suggest Following Keywords:

  • best digital marketing agency
  • digital marketing service near me
  • online marketing services
  • google ads advertising
  • display ads
  • facebook advertise
  • google adwords
  • promote products

Exact matched ads will come up and rank higher. Paid ads are come first 3 serp (search engine result page). Here you need to know different types of keywords. Now you click over More settings. It provide following window.

Types of keywords

Google Ads uses various keyword match types to control when your ad shows for specific search queries. Here’s a breakdown of the main types:

  • Broad Match (default): Broadest reach, loosest control. Ads can appear for searches related to your keyword, including synonyms and similar phrases. Great for initial brainstorming but can lead to irrelevant clicks (e.g., “running shoes” might show for “used socks”).
  • Phrase Match: More targeted than broad match. Ads show for searches containing your exact phrase or close variations with additional words before or after (e.g., “running shoes” could match “best running shoes for men”).
  • Exact Match (most control): Tightest control. Ads only show for searches containing your exact keyword phrase in the same order, with no extra words (e.g., “[running shoes]” would only match “running shoes”).

Negative Match Types:

  • Negative Broad Match: Excludes searches with your keyword and similar terms. Useful to prevent irrelevant clicks (e.g., adding “used” as a negative broad match with “running shoes” would exclude “used running shoes”).
  • Negative Phrase Match: Similar to phrase match but excludes searches containing your exact phrase with additional words.
  • Negative Exact Match: Excludes searches containing your exact keyword phrase only.

Choosing the right match type depends on your campaign goals and desired level of control. For beginners, starting with broad match for initial research and then using phrase and exact match for more targeted campaigns is a common approach.

Step 7

audience targeting in google ads

This is important step in set up google ads account. Because you choose your target audience in different ways. Now Your need to choose following option. Which are your location, language. Additionally, You need to set target audience (you can browse and set), and networks (search or display). After choosing all things. You click next button.

Step 8

Now you directly create first ads when this set up google ads account stage. it is important stage. Here your need to provide all the information about your product or service.

create google ad

Here Your Need to add Final url. Then adding Headlines (up to 15) and each one have maximum 30 character. Additionally, Google ads provides a headlines idea to you. After that You will add Descriptions (up to 4) and each one have maximum 90 character.

Right side of this dashboard you will get ad strength, ad preview for both mobile and desktop.

Additionally, You will add some features. When you add features to your ads to get more clicks. following are example of features. Which are sitelinks, display path, promotions, prices, calls, callouts, structured snippet, lead forms, apps, and ad url options.

Same time you will add a More campaign settings. Their is small pen tool is available. after clicking this pen. You will get some option for tracking.

Step 9

9th step to set up google ads account is setting bid strategy. Your bid strategy defines how Google should bid for your ad in auctions to better use your budget. Which are click, impression share, conversion and conversion value.

set a bid strategy in google ads

You can also set a maximum cost per click bid limit and enter Maximum CPC bid limit in your currency. Example. I am Fixing Rs.100 Per click.

Step 10

10th stage of set up google ads account is budget setting. When i set the cpc is Rs.100.

set up google ads average daily budget

Here you will estimate How much do you want to spend per day? for Average daily budget is Rs. 920.43, Weekly clicks (2,672), Avg CPC (Rs. 2.41), Weekly cost (₹6,448.37). Google also recommend 3 daily budget. You also set custom budget as per your need. After fixing this budget setting.

Step 12

Final stage of set up google ads account is entering your bank account details and or personal payment details. So before adding payment detail for business bank account, You will create business bank account online or offline. Time zone applies to your entire account and cannot be changed later. If you create new google ads account.

google ads payment set up

Additionally, Google ads so provide promotional code. When you entering promotional code. You will get offer. If you are from India, Google ads provide up to Rs. 25000 is free credit. Same time, in this page, You will Create a payments profile.

It require following details.

Profile type (organization/ Individual)

Organization Name

Legal Name (Your Name)

Address with Street, Apt, City with Pincode /Zip code, State

After entering above details, You will select payment methods, Credit cards, Bank transfer or wire transfer. Full amount is credited into your google ads account. Only valid clicks are charged with GST Tax.

submit google ads application

Now you click Google ads Terms and conditions. Additionally. You will select Yes or No option for following question Want personalized guidance from a Google Ads expert by phone or messaging app? Finally Submit Your application form to set up google ads account.